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#selflove explores multiple characterizations of different female voices that explore what it means to be an empowered and uplifted female in the 21stcentury. 

The show starts in the future where a professor transports her students (the audience) to the year 2019 where they interview women who participated in a #selflove challenge over social media. As a brave few women speak their truth the theatre’s ears are opened to the bold, loud and fiery souls that can no longer be silenced. Through humour and heart a self-love revolution is brought to the theatre-table. 


A show for the ladies, but the guys are invited (and encouraged) to join.


“Hillarious and powerful one-woman show, in which women shall find particular relevance. It is an impactful show that everyone can take meaning from.” The Herald Spotlight newspaper


“As a mother of a teenage daughter and a teacher at an all girls school, I wish that #selflove was a mandatory show. Through Ursula Botha’s potrayal of women and their world, we get a humurous, witty and sad look at the complexities facing women today. I wasn’t ready for the show to end. A must see for all women, young and old (and men- young and old).” Shelley Stretton, teacher at DSG. 


“Full of insightful commentary about being a woman in today’s world, as well as some astute guidelines for a different way forward.” audience member at the National Arts festival. 

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Show Up

Show Up is an experimental one-woman show where Ursula Botha explores the behind the scenesof show business.  It is a Universal narrative for the strong hearted as Ursula takes her audience on an honest account of the ups/downs, breakdowns/breakthroughs and the humour/ heartaches that come with taking the road less travelled of following one’s dreams. 


“Raw and vulnerable” - audience member

“All actors should see it. Actually every person should see it, whether you’re an actor or not, because it’s relatable.” - audience member