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Reasons to shop local in South Africa

Reasons to shop local in South Africa

I heard a very scary statistic last week that made me feel even more passionate about supporting local brands in South Africa. Here it is:

South Africa = 0.8% world population.

South Africa = 3.5% world unemployment

Unemployment is a harsh reality in South Africa. Therefore, employment needs to be scaled and grown at a rapid pace. By no means do I have the answers cure unemployment, but one of the keys to creating more work is to support local businesses who employ, uplift and upskill our workforce.

Here are 7 reasons to inspire you to support local in South Africa:

1. Job Creation

As discussed above, when local businesses thrive, they need to employ more people. Thus decreasing unemployment and empowering our workforce.

2. Support innovation

By supporting new and innovating businesses, we create an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive. Similar to nature, innovation grows in soil that is supportive and nurturing.

3. Reduce the environmental impact

Many of the local brands make it their mission to do less harm to the earth. The materials and methods used are sustainable and earth-friendly.

4. Customer service that rocks

Small business owners tend to have personal relationships with customers. This breeds a stronger human connection which makes your purchase even more valuable.

5. Unique and exclusive

Many of the products by local businesses aren’t available en masse which makes your purchase bespoke and one of a kind.

6. Build the economy

When you buy from an independent, locally-owned business, more money stays and flows within the community, which serves to strengthen its economic base.

7. Encourage entrepreneurship

Which brings us back full circle, as a growing culture of entrepreneurship leads to an increase in innovation, job-creation and community upliftment.


Join me on this mission as I search out local businesses that have ethical practices. By supporting local, we are also supporting our communities, our country and ultimately, supporting ourselves. The saying rings true:

local IS lekker!

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Visiting Leafy Greens Cafe in Johannesburg

Visiting Leafy Greens Cafe in Johannesburg

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