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His and Hers Undies from Frankees

His and Hers Undies from Frankees

Who said that ethical and sustainable underwear couldn’t be FUN and CHEEKY??!! Frankees is a proudly South African underwear brand that oozes with vibrancy, fun and sexiness. Here are a few reasons why we (well…me) love the brand:

  1. His and hers undies.

    Yes, you heard me. Now you and your man can have match-matchie undies #couplegoals

  2. Supporting local empowers our nation

  3. Cotton material undies are just so much healthier and better for us all: our bodies and the earth!

  4. They are COMFY!!

  5. They are BUM-positive.

    All bums are approved. Any size and any colour. I love that we can encourage people to embrace their bums.

  6. The ranges are colourful and vibrant (just like our country)

Here is a full review of Frankees underwear. Enjoy xxx

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