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Visiting Leafy Greens Cafe in Johannesburg

Visiting Leafy Greens Cafe in Johannesburg

I went to Leafy Greens Café in Johannesburg, Muldersdrift for a farm-to-table feast. Leafy Greens café, owned by Antonia de Luca, is a healthy vegan and vegetarian restaurant that uses only fresh organic produce. I want to share with you more about my journey to the farm.


Leafy Greens is situated on a farm in Muldersdrift, Cradle of Mankind. It’s only a 40min drive from the Northern suburbs into the peace and tranquillity of farmland. Upon arrival, you walk through the windy paths adorned with old trees that make you feel like you’re stepping into Wonderland. As you follow the signs you’re lead to the Leafy Greens Café.

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The Food

I loved the farm-to-table food concept, which means that the food you eat is grown on the soil of the farm. The menu serves breakfast and lunch. Alternatively, over weekends there is a buffet from which you can choose. My friend Cecil, who was not convinced to eat vegan, ordered the ‘Beyond Meat Burger’ from the menu. This burger is notorious for being the world’s first meat-free burger that tastes and looks just like real meat. We put it to the test and it’s true- it tastes just like meat. Cecil was especially impressed with the home-made tomato sauce that was served with his burger and chips. On the other hand, I went straight to the buffet table where I indulged on raw pizza, plant-based mousaka, meat-free meatballs, dips and salads. This is how I’d describe my ultimate plate of health and happiness.

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I had a delicious veggie juice of beetroot, carrot and cucumber. To be honest, I was so full from the harvest table that I took my juice as take-away. Cecil had a glass (or two) of wine. We finished the meal off with some warm beverages of tea and coffee.

Health shop

At the back of the café is a health store that stocks a wide variety of local and conscious products. There’s also the Antonia’s food range that consists out of an assortment of nuts, nut butters, juices and smoothies, beauty products and health care products.

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Antonia’s Way

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Antonia’s way recipe book is a gem that explores Antonia’s own personal journey to healing and living a conscious lifestyle. The book does not only include recipes and beautiful pictures (always a bonus) but also serves as an educational guide to healthy living. The book supports the vision that is emulated from the Leafy Greens Café, as well as the Antonia product range.


Finally, Cecil and I took a stroll through the farmlands and veggie gardens. It was a beautiful day to break away from the hustle of the city and reconnect with nature and ourselves. If you are looking for nutritious foods that feed your soul, I would highly recommend Leafy Greens Café.

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