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How to celebrate Mandela Day?

How to celebrate Mandela Day?

Join us for 67 minutes on Mandela day as we celebrate what would have been Mandela’s 100th birthday. At Rosebank parish we’ll be making and peanut butter/jam sandwiches for the Soul Food project.  This project feeds 8211 school children, orphans, pensioners, abused women, AIDS victims and the terminally ill DAILY!


How can you help?


Option 1


Join us for 67 minutes


Bring donations of bread or peanut butter or jam (as many as you like)


Option 2


EFT donations (we’ll buy the needed supply in bulk)

Email urs.botha@gmail.com for info


Option 3


Drop off your ‘ready made’ sandwiches at the church community center


How do I do this?

Step 1. Spread the bread with p&j

Step 2. Stack thesandwiches on top of each other (like a full loaf)

Step 3. Put it back in the bread bag

Step 4. Drop off with love




When: Wednesday, 18 July

Time: 7pm

Where: 16 Keyes Ave, Rosebank,

Rosebank Catholic Church (in the community Center)


Together we can make a difference and feed the hungry! Hope to see or hear from you. 

The conscious consumer’s dilemma

The conscious consumer’s dilemma

Lessons I learned about food on my yoga mat

Lessons I learned about food on my yoga mat