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Lessons I learned about food on my yoga mat

Lessons I learned about food on my yoga mat

This month Happy Earth People (yes the pasta brand) inspired me to celebrate international yoga day  on 16 June. To which I decided to get my “ohm” on and start practicing again, seeing as I haven’t done yoga in years! What I can recall from my previous ‘yogi’ days is that my instructor would always start the class by first allowing us to find an intention for the session. I decided to set my intention for this month as mindful eating. Here is what my yoga mat experiment taught me about food and mindfulness.



Stepping back onto my yoga mat felt like revisiting an old relationship. Same thing but completely different. My first class was at Yoga Experience in Johannesburg although it felt like I was transported to New York. The room was hot and the people were even hotter. Once our mats were stacked on top of each other like sardines the ninety minutes of breathing, sweating, stretching, falling and connecting kicked off. After all this chanting, breathing and stretching I started witnessing a shift as I connected to earth and heart. 



After the session of deep connection with my body, breath and heart I felt inclined to respond to my body with love. Which to me means food (I just love love love food!). When I returned home from yoga I made myself a deliciously creamy and healthy broccoli pasta which was inspired from Jessica Sepel’s blog (coincidentally this is also the pasta she made herself after a yoga session).


Naturally I used my Happy Earth People pasta because firstly they inspired me to do yoga this month and secondly it is a mindful product. A pasta made with the intention of reducing carbon foodprint by being plantbased, being transparent (no added stuff just pure lentils) and having a greater vision towards wholeness and upliftment. My body responds so well to this pasta because I was born with a compromised digestive system. Which means that my digestive system is very sensitive about everything I consume. This is why choosing to eat harm-free foods is an act of mindful love towards my body. 


As I was eating my yummy/healthy broccoli pasta I was pondering the intention I had set about mindful eating. I noticed that with each bite I was present and therefore satisfied and at peace. To be honest with you- I’m not a perfect eater. Not sure if something like that even exists. But I’m aware that when I’m feeling connected and mindful, I make better choices. Also I feel satisfied faster.


For someone who is a stress eater like me this was a lightbulb moment. Being able to feel grounded in my body and feeding it with whole and nutritious food I had actualized my intention by having a mindFULL experience with food.


Knowing myself I am sure to slip up again- I’m only human and so are you. Through revisiting my yoga mat, my pasta dish had shown me a state of fullness, which I aim to practice more of. Yes practice, because I haven’t arrived at a perfect destination. Here’s to practicing more mindful bliss! 



1 organic head of broccoli

1/4 cup milk of choice (I used almond milk)

1 tsp chilli olive oil

Handfull basil

salt, pepper- as desired

1/2 cup Happy Earth Pasta

*TIP: You can add sweet potato for a more balanced meal.



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