Hi, I'm Ursula and…

 I’m an Actress & Accidental Academic who loves fashion, fitness and food (although I’m intolerant to MOST foods…oops!).  Here’s my story:

I’ve been an actress my whole life; performing since I was a little girl. There has never been a plan B for me. Only plan A: Acting. Full stop. However, my definition of acting, success and being human has changed significantly over the past few years.

 I use to have a narrow definition of what it meant to be a woman and actress in order to achieve success. But then life happened to me. Accidentally I received a bursary to do my Masters because I thought it would get me to Bollywood (story for another day). Bollywood never happened and instead I was smothered in masses of research and hard work for a thesis. The ego/actress Ursula wasn’t impressed by any of this ‘hard work’ nonsense that seemed to deviate me from my true ‘path’ in becoming super famous. She hated it! The other side of me, let’s call her the nerdy Ursula, loved reading, writing and stretching her brain beyond its comfort zone. Absolutely loved it! Coincidentally my thesis focused on the female identity while I was in a state of female identity crisis. Perhaps not so coincidentally...mmm.

Through studying the theory of ‘Social Constructivism’ I discovered that we become the stories we tell ourselves. I had to search deep in order to find out what story I’d passively subscribed to…eek! This stuff was hard. I was in a battle with my EGO. Then something absolutely incredible happened- I started developing a voice. Not a talking voice- but an inner voice that wasn’t conditioned by society. My truth.

Ah… following your truth can be scary, but it’s opened up a whole new world to me! It has filtered through to every other area of my life. As an actress, a teacher, a friend and a woman. Also, my health has transformed drastically as I started listening to my body.

Let’s talk about the body. I was born with a compromised digestive system which means that I have lived in physical pain, swelling, hormone imbalance, bad skin and chronic fatigue for most of my life. For the past 2 years (the same time that I started with the Masters degree...coincidence?!) I have radically changed my health through eliminating all the foods that I’m intolerant to.

What food am I intolerant to? Sugar-, dairy-, gluten-, alcohol-, pork-, eggs (and a few more which are too boring to list)


How do I know? Intuition and elimination.


Have I seen results since eliminating foods? YES! Drastically!


Have I reached perfection? NO, but I’m learning and discovering every day.


Today, my story is very different to what I thought it would be. My definition of success has changed to accepting the wild journey of life with its many windy paths.

Feel free to send me an email if you would like to connect/ collaborate!