I’m a #selfie girl in a #selfie world

selfie girl

How I hit a mid- selfie –crisis:


It all started when I was on set for a commercial shoot. There was another actress who was taking copious amounts of selfie’s while in make-up. The make-up artist, annoyed and pressed for time, asked the actress: “Will you please not include me in all your instagram pictures!!”. The actress responded with a fiery: “This is part of my job, recently I lost out on work because I didn’t have enough Instagram followers and I’m making sure that that’ll never happen again.” Snap-snap!

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Have you heard of the Mountains of Kong?

MAP of Africa, mountains of kong


Situated in West Africa, this vast Mountain Range is beautifully illustrated in maps dating back to the Sixteenth Century (1798-1892). For almost 100 years these mountains were considered as an obstacle and boundary between the Niger River and the Atlantic. Thus blocking all commerce between Europe and the rest of Africa. What is fascinating about the Kong Mountains is that they only existed in the imaginations of explorers, mapmakers and traders.

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Some philosophical life lessons on crawling…

Boats Caribbean

My little nephew is visiting us from Dubai. He’s just over 8 months old and learning how to crawl. On Friday it was two crawls and then he’d fall on his bum. Saturday he made three crawls…bum. Today he’s a crawler. And quite the mover. Every day he’s learning one new discovery on his journey of becoming an interactive human being. It’s quite incredible to see. In the mean time I’ve taken some philosophical life lessons from his crawling adventures.


Ready for it?


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Everything you need to KNOW about the NO


In the process of auditioning comes a long contract with no’s. An echo of no’s! To which I sometimes lift my hands toward the sky, in a very dramatic way, while saying (or shouting): “well how much rejection can one person take?!” As if it is the sky’s fault. To which my mom always responds- “You chose this path my girl. Now get on with it.” Because no sometimes mean ‘not now’  or it means ‘you’re one step closer to yes’ . 

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The Market Theatre: What’s Happening and Why you should go

raisin in the sun

The Market Theatre is bursting with new energy as Newtown Junction has been redeveloped. It’s hip, vibrant and you can park your car under safe underground parking- so nobody has any excuses NOT to go and watch the play A Raisin in the Sun (which is currently showing). I’d recommend for you to go for drinks at the bar before the show starts and just soak up the historical significance which rests within the walls of this iconic space which has brought to life so many stories and voices.

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